Vegetarian/Vegan Cookery Classes at greenz

Our vegetarian/vegan cookery classes are themed, e.g. one pot easy suppers; soups; salads, etc.. and focus on dishes which are nutritionally balanced, using ingredients which are easily obtainable and affordable. Each class lasts for one and a half hours, during which time, participants will prepare three dishes and discuss the nutritional value of the main ingredients. Advice will be given on where to purchase the ingredients. At the end of the cookery class, participants will take away samples of the three dishes which have been prepared and recipes for the vegetarian/vegan dishes prepared will be emailed to the participants after the classes.

Each class costs £35.00

Quotes from people who have attended previous classes:

“The cooking sessions were relaxed but informative and have given me the confidence I need to follow the recipes provided. And even experiment!! Lessons for life that are definitely recommended”. Patricia

“I have really enjoyed the cookery skills classes with Ermine. She is patient, skilful and knowledegable – my family has definatley benefitted.” Michael

One thought on “Vegetarian/Vegan Cookery Classes at greenz

  1. Attending this course has opened my mind about different possibilities and combinations when cooking food, as well as discovering new ingredients and flavours. Very easy recipes to follow and very tasty. I would consider to go back in the future to refresh or gain new skills. Ermine was a very kind reacher.

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